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CruiseBritain joins ESPO's Cruise and Ferry Ports Network

CruiseBritain joins ESPO's Cruise and Ferry Ports Network
CruiseBritain has joined forces with the European Sea Ports Organisation and associations representing Mediterranean, European and Scandinavian cruise ports in a strategic alliance designed to enhance European-wide co-operation.

'The invitation to join with fellow cruise port associations is an affirmation of CruiseBritain's work in raising the profile of Britain as a cruise destination', said Daren Taylor, Chair of CruiseBritain. 'Together with colleagues at MedCruise, Cruise Europe, Cruise Baltic and Cruise Norway, we will work through ESPO's Cruise and Ferry Ports Network to achieve a clear voice with European institutions, develop a useful Code of Practice and engage in constructive dialogue with other industry stakeholders such as the cruise lines.'

ESPO's newly formed Cruise and Ferry Ports Network is a revitalised continuation of the ESPO Passenger Committee and the Network has already announced the preparation of  the European Cruise ports Code of Conduct. CruiseBritain attended the Network's inaugural meeting in January 2015 and encouraged it's 28 port members to participate in the Europe-wide port survey that looked to identify common challenges and priorities. 

'With the cooperation of Cruise Britain and all other regional cruise port organisations, we will be able to  strengthen our knowledge about the needs and concerns of  EU cruise ports and give a clear signal to the Brussels political scene of what Europe can do for the cruise ports and vice versa,' said Isabelle Ryckbost, ESPO’s secretary general.

The new alliance was first announced at Seatrade Med in September 2014 and CruiseBritain is the first additional cruise association to join since its inception.