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Crystal's new marketing campaign 'Where Luxury is Personal'

One spread features a father and son making new discoveries in China together as they simultaneously discover each other
Crystal invites travelers to connect to the world, each other and themselves with an evocative new marketing campaign, 'Where Luxury is Personal.'

Luxury is defined by each traveler

The campaign messaging eschews the common notion that luxury entails only the finer things in life. Rather, luxury is defined by each traveler, making the experience wholly individual.

Working with the experts of MRM//McCann, a global leader in consumer relationships and digital marketing, Crystal developed a poignant message that focuses on people—from its guests to crew—and how world travel touches their lives. The new branding campaign spans all Crystal experiences—Crystal Cruises, Crystal River Cruises, Crystal Yacht & Expedition Cruises, Crystal Luxury Air and Crystal AirCruises—and will be seen across multiple print and digital media platforms beginning this month.

'Our philosophy of luxury is rooted in the individuality of each of our guests—the stories they’ve lived, what has brought them aboard, the memories they hope to create—and our passion for meeting and exceeding their hopes and expectations,' said Crystal's Carmen Roig, SVP marketing and sales.

'We understand that time is precious, and aboard Crystal our guests relish spending their time exactly as they wish. To travel exactly as one chooses, connecting with friends who share their interests, and deeply exploring the world, is a true luxury,' Roig continued.

The advertisements invite readers to peer into the global experiences of people just like them. One spread features a father and son making new discoveries in China together as they simultaneously discover each other. Another hones in on friends separated by distance but reconnected by a shared journey afar.

Crew will star in future advertisements

Crystal is known for its exacting service delivered by crew who greet every traveler by name and genuinely enjoy making their experiences as perfect as possible. The crew will take center stage in future advertisements that are designed to put names to the faces travelers will find aboard Crystal voyages.

The other cornerstones of the 28-year-strong Crystal credo will also be highlighted in photographic spreads that call out the numerous choices at travelers' disposal to create the precise vacation they wish.

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