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Deilmann administrator confirms Crystal is not buying Deutschland

Deilmann administrator confirms Crystal is not buying Deutschland
Seatrade Insider may have been alone over the weekend in reporting Crystal Cruises' denial of widespread reports in Germany that the luxury operator had acquired Reederei Peter Deilmann and its ship, Deutschland. When contacted on Saturday, Crystal president Edie Rodriguez immediately responded her line was not involved.

Yet German and then international media continued to circulated the story without, apparently, seeking confirmation.

Finally, on Monday, the administrator of 'Deutschland' Beteiligungsgesellschaft and Reederei Peter Deilmann put a stop to that in a forceful statement.

'Neither has there been nor is there any offer from the US enterprise Crystal Cruises to buy the Deutschland or the ship operator,' Reinhold Schmid-Sperber said Monday afternoon. 'Consequently, there is no agreement existing with Crystal Cruises.'

He also called reports about an alleged sale price of €50m 'totally unfounded.'

As earlier reported here, Schmid-Sperber again said there's a memorandum of understanding with an investor seeking to acquire the Deutschland. Yet numerous obligations and formalities have to be fulfilled by this potential buyer before a sale can take effect.

The administrator added he would not reveal this investor’s name or nationality, nor the prospective sales price. He confirmed only that the investor is also interested in buying Reederei Peter Deilmann.

Schmid-Sperber said further details would be communicated only when a sale is finalized.