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Destination Asia reports calm in Bangkok as curfew continues

Destination Asia reports calm in Bangkok as curfew continues
Bangkok and the rest of Thailand remain calm following the imposition of martial law on May 20, ground handler Destination Asia reports, however a curfew remains in effect which curtails some activities.

The curfew lasts from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Shopping hours in the major malls are reduced and the sky train and the underground in the capital have reduced services.

Destination Asia expects the curfew will cease within the next few days.

Transfers to and from the airport are permitted during the curfew. Clients must present valid travel documents if requested by the authorities.

According to Thai law, all visitors are required to carry some official identification, especially during this period.

Emergency services are operational, including medical services, throughout the curfew hours.

Over the past couple days there have been small pockets of demonstrations as protesters take to the streets to voice their opposition to the coup and the army’s grip on the country. Destination Asia said the military ia taking a 'soft approach' so far, allowing small groups to protest, and there is not a huge military presence on the streets. Soldiers are located mainly at key sites within Bangkok as precautionary measures.

Destination Asia reports local television stations and radio stations are now transmitting as normal but are ordered not to air content that could incite unrest. The Internet and social media sites are still functioning as normal; information and news are being reported.