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EXP360 targets cruise with new virtual reality sales tool

EXP360's 360° sales tool based on VR technology
Berlin-based IT company EXP360 has developed a new 360° sales tool for the travel and tourism industry based on VR technology.

EXP360 creates fully immersive 360° virtual video tours of locations, products and services, embedded in an interactive sales application with advanced presentation, recommendation and eCommerce features.
For the cruise sector EXP360 proposes a  360°video welcoming customers on board and a virtual ship tour as well as samples of ports of call that tracel agents could show them in an agency or they could study at home.
The software solution is unique and user-friendly EXP360 claims and combines a central management platform to organize media, tasks and staff around the globe (EXP360 Control Center), a special sales application – pre-installed on high-end VR devices – for individually guided face-to-face consultations with single customers or groups (EXP360 Guide Kit and an interactive home application for online sales (EXP360 Home App), which is compatible with all common VR viewers, such as Google Cardboard.
By integrating VoIP call facilities, existing CRM interfaces or booking engines, EXP360 satisfies the requirements of the sales network, including travel agencies, contact centers, online shops and marketing events, says EXP360.
All customer sessions can be tracked, analyzed and, if existing, related to previous consultations or bookings. This allows tailored follow-ups and recommendations as well as a continuous optimization of media, content distribution and sales processes.