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Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines invests in staff through ILM training partnership

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines invests in staff through ILM training partnership
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is working in partnership with The Institute of Leadership and Management to deliver an accredited training initiative, the ‘Supervisor and Management Development Programme’, which has been added to its Training and Development curriculum for ship-based officers and crew.

The aim of the programme is to provide Fred. Olsen’s supervisors and managers with the knowledge and skills to strengthen and build upon their success as leaders, allowing them to prepare for subsequent promotions and challenges, through ILM-accredited qualifications,  within a solid framework.

David O’ Connor, corporate training and development manager for the cruise company said: ‘Currently, we have over 200 crew signed up to our in-house Supervisor and Management Development Programme – accredited by ILM – at various stages.

ILM ceo Charles Elvin said: ‘The investment Fred Olsen Cruise Lines is making in their managers and supervisors will ensure that both individuals and the business are able to reach their full potential and that Fred. Olsen customers receive the highest quality service.’

The course module consists of 18 units, covering both theoretical and practical subjects, and has been designed in-house, tailored to Fred. Olsen’s company objectives. All the training is ship-based and cross-departmental.

The crew can be on a contract of between four and nine months at a time, with two or three months back on shore, so there are logistical challenges for Fred. Olsen to undertaking a management development course on this scale and ensuring that all staff involved are able to undertake the training on a regular, consistent basis; however, the cruise line has been extremely encouraged by the commitment of its staff and the feedback has been very positive:

Rada Simic, spa manager, Balmoral, commented, ‘I have been with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines for over two years. I entered this course to become a better supervisor and to see things from a different angle. The training has changed my way of planning, organising and overseeing the whole operation.’

Manuel Sherwin Santos, maitre d’, Balmoral, added, ‘I have been with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines more than 17 years, joining when I was 21 years old. I enrolled on the course because I want to enhance my supervisory and managerial capabilities, to be more active and knowledgeable within the business. I have enjoyed learning new, positive skills and realising that I need to consider all aspects and angles of my decision-making, especially if you are dealing with a large number of staff, colleagues and guests. I believe that this course will help me to be able achieve my future ambitions and I would like to enhance my future career within the f&b industry.’