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Gothenburg expecting 100,000 passengers but fewer calls in 2015

Gothenburg expecting 100,000 passengers but fewer calls in 2015
Gothenburg is expecting 52 calls and 100,000 passengers this year in a season which started last week with the arrival of AIDAcara at the Frihamnen berth and runs run through to October 18 with one Christmas visit in December.

‘This year we will be welcoming more large cruise ships to Gothenburg than previously,’ said Jill Söderwall, head of cruise operations at the Port of Gothenburg.

2014 was a record season with 73 calls and 108,000 passengers. The number of calls this year has fallen to 52 although the number of passengers has remained at roughly the same level.

The decline in calls has not just affected Gothenburg but the whole of Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, she commented. ‘The number of visits by cruise ships is down by around 5% throughout the region, ‘ Söderwall added.

The Swedish port calculates that during a visit each passenger spends an average of 700 Swedish kronor on food, shopping and entertainment (SKr1,200 if excursions are included). This year cruise tourism will add SKr70m  to the visitor industry.

The Port of Gothenburg and Göteborg & Co have been successful in tempting more international cruise lines to stay overnight. This year six ships will remain in port.

‘Overnight stays are incredibly positive for the city and the port. They generate more revenue for the port and the same time the tourists get to explore the city at night time,’ said Sara Sundaeus, cruise manager at Göteborg & Co.