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Lüftner Cruises launches ISO Travel Solutions reservation system

Dr. W. Lüftner Reisen GmbH
Bookings on Amadeus Diamond and Lüftner’s other riverships are now taken through ISO’s Pacific system
Austrian river cruise line Lüftner Cruises has implemented ISO Travel Solutions’ Pacific reservation system.

Nuremburg-based ISO also confirmed Lüftner has decided to also implement the company’s Emerald Customer Relation Management system.

Lüftner Cruises has been working with ISO’s internet booking engine (IBE) for some time.

Based on that experience, the operator wanted to optimise its reservation processes and connect external partners to the IBE.

To solve these tasks, ISO’s Pacific was implemented as Lüftner’s new central management and reservation system.

Pacific can display deck plans, and cabin availability can be booked directly and in real-time, both in the IBE and in Pacific systems.

Responding to specific requirements of Lüftner and the Austrian travel market, several enhancements were carried out on the Pacific platform prior to its implementation at the Innsbruck-based operator.

The next project, which is currently under preparation, will be the introduction of ISO’s tourism CRM system Emerald to optimise the process-oriented handling of customer management issues.

Lüftner Cruises’ head of PR and marketing, Anna Lüftner, commented that the river cruise operator had found in Pacific and Emerald a comprehensive solution for its specific reservation and customer management challenges. ‘The adjustments made by ISO had provided Lüftner Cruises with an effective booking system across many channels,’ she added.

ISO Travel Solutions is hoping to attract more cruise-related business. Until now the company – which has been operating for over 35 years and employs a staff of 400 – concentrated on providing products mainly to tour operators, destination agencies, travel agents and other suppliers as well as airlines.

‘Thanks to Lüftner’s focus on cruising, we were able to strengthen our reservation system Pacific in this sector and develop new features,’ remarked Artur Isaak, ISO’s project manager. He said Pacific is now ideally suited for use by river and ocean cruise operators of all sizes.