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New CruiseBritain themes highlight festivals, films & TV locations

Angie Redhead - themed information a useful tool for cruise itinerary planners
Two new themes for cruise passengers to experience were launched by CruiseBritain at Seatrade Europe this week. ‘Festivals’ looks at the wide variety of annual festivals held across the UK whilst ‘Film & TV Locations' points to the opportunities to discover screen favourites in real life.

Providing themed information is a useful tool for cruise itinerary planners, according to Angie Redhead, chair of CruiseBritain.

'We've taken a fresh look at the opportunities for cruise lines and are delighted to bring information on a selection of festivals taking place across the country as well as highlighting some of the world-famous film and TV locations open to visitors. Themes bring an added dimension to the cruise holiday,' Redhead said, 'and our aim is to provide information that will give an insight to the range of options available from British ports that will create memorable immersive experiences for our cruise visitors.'

All the featured ‘Festivals’ take place annually with special notes of landmark events starting in 2017 onward. From traditional and classic to quirky and off-beat, the festivals range from art to music (sometimes together), to the best of food and drink, fishing, walking and sailing, to kites and hot air balloons.

Britain offers a wealth of film and TV locations, many open to visitors. Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Jane Austen and Rosamund Pilcher are examples. A visit to a castle or stately home takes cruisers into the world of a film or TV series. Sweeping landscapes, cityscapes and town streets, ancient dockyards, abbeys and churches, parklands and gardens can seem strangely familiar on a first visit.

These new themes build upon the eight already featured on CruiseBritain's website: ‘British Heritage,’ ‘Culture,’ ‘Gardens,’ ‘Golf,' ‘Heritage Coasts,' ‘Outdoor Activities,' ‘World Heritage Sites’ and a ‘Royal Trail.’