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NTSB installs BMT's Rembrandt navigation simulator

The US National Transportation Safety Board’s Office of Marine Safety has installed BMT’s fully certified Rembrandt navigation simulator system.

Digital evidence generation

'There is a growing momentum and awareness in statutory bodies worldwide, as well as other maritime stakeholders, of the value of digital evidence generation in automatic scene reconstruction and forensic analysis,' said Phil Thompson, director of simulation and training products at BMT. 'One of the many capabilities of Rembrandt includes its ability to automatically read VDR and AIS to deliver a high-fidelity, 3-D reconstruction.'

Rembrandt also allows the user to switch 'seamlessly from its scene reconstruction mode into full manoeuvring simulator mode, taking full control at any time within the reconstruction replay to explore a range of alternative "what if" scenarios—a key enabler for targeted training, forensic analysis and reflective learning,' Thompson added.

Also used by UK, Australia, Dutch statutory agencies

Other statutory marine agencies that have recently adopted Rembrandt include the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, the Australian Transport Safety Board and the Dutch Safety Board. Additionally, the software is used by a large number of international maritime stakeholders for applications including the on-board training of deck officers, port navigational risk assessments, pilot training, planning complex manoeuvres and ship-to-ship transfers.

The NTSB is an independent federal agency tasked with investigating major marine accidents on or under US waters and accidents involving US-flag vessels worldwide. The agency seeks to determine the probable cause and to identify safety recommendations that will prevent similar events. The NTSB also investigates accidents involving US public and non-public vessels, and accidents that may involve the US Coast Guard’s marine safety functions.

UK-based BMT is an international design, engineering and risk management consultancy, working principally in the defense, energy and environment, marine risk and insurance, maritime transport and ports and logistics sectors.

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