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Pearl Seas Cruises is exploring Cuba opportunities (**updated**)

Pearl Mist - small enough to fit into ports that lack the infrastructure to handle larger ships
Update: Adds further background and comments from management. Pearl Seas Cruises said it is exploring possible itinerary options for Cuba. The cruises would offer a genuine experience to a variety of different ports, particularly those which larger ships cannot visit, company chairman Charles Robertson said.

'Cuba has been on our radar for quite some time,' according to Robertson. He noted the 210-passenger Pearl Mist is small enough to dock at towns or in the heart of historic cities, in addition to the capital, Havana.

'Many ports require infrastructural changes to accommodate larger ships, but we can visit easily,' he added.

It has been speculated that with Republicans taking control of Congress, it may be years before the US normalizes relations with Cuba.

'I have no opinion to express about the political landscape,' Robertson told Seatrade Insider. 'All I'm really saying is that if it opens up, we want to be ready to go.'

In the coming weeks, more information is expected from the US Treasury Department, which promulgates the regulations concerning the trade embargo.

Robertson said he has no knowledge of the US administration's plans, but the company will be following the subject with interest.

Rich in history and culture, Cuba is a great fit from a passenger-interest perspective, according to Pearl Seas Cruises, whose well-traveled clientele enjoy visiting 'exotic destinations where they can find enriching experiences.'

Pearl Seas Cruises is considering itineraries that would operate on both the southern and northern coasts of Cuba. Voyages could begin and end in South Florida or at one of many island nations near Cuba. Various cruise lengths are being considered.