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Ponant participates in INTERPOL's I-Checkit program

interpol + ponant signing (photo ©hervé miliard)
INTERPOL's Harald Arm, left, with Ponant President Jean Emmanuel Sauvée PHOTO: Hervé Miliard
INTERPOL is expanding its I-Checkit program in partnership with Ponant as part of the international criminal police organization's efforts to strengthen global cruise industry security.

The phased rollout integration of the I-Checkit passenger screening system across Ponant's global passenger check-in process began this month, following the completion of a three-month pilot phase that concluded in March.

Screening against millions of records

This will enable INTERPOL to securely screen travel documents against its databases, including the Stolen and Lost Travel Documents database with more than 87.5m records from 177 countries.

Added layer of safety

'I-Checkit’s initiative with Ponant offers an additional layer of safety in the travel sector by establishing an international standard for security screening. It provides an invaluable preventative and investigative capability for global policing,' said Harald Arm, director of INTERPOL’s Operational Support and Analysis Directorate and head of the I-Checkit program.

I-Checkit was introduced in 2014 to bridge a gap in safety and security in the transportation industry. Member countries have endorsed the system as part of INTERPOL's global border management strategy for the maritime and aviation sectors.