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Pullmantur Cruises has launched its new Mediterranean influenced, Spanish gastronomy, gala evening dinner menu
Three Star Michelin chef, Jordi Cruz, cooks up clinary delights for Pullmantur's Gastrolab

Pullmantur launches new Spanish vibe gastronomy gala dinner menu

Pullmantur Cruises has launched its new Mediterranean influenced, Spanish gastronomy, gala evening dinner menu.

Led by three Star Michelin chef, Jordi Cruz, Gastrolab is a first for the cruise line. Cruz will work alongside resident and guest chefs to deliver a high level of culinary excellence.

The new gala menu will combine the flavours, textures and aromas of traditional recipes creating an authentic gastronomic experience.

Richard J. Vogel president & ceo of Pullmantur Cruises, is pleased with the outcome: ‘We are very satisfied with the result of this new menu, where we have managed to combine in each of the dishes, the roots of Spanish cuisine, one of our main hallmarks.’

Speaking of expert influence Cruz said: ‘All the dishes that make up this gala menu show the good work of the professionals who are part of this team creating dishes at sea for more than 2000 people a day.’

A seven-course menu will be prepared for passengers, with a meat or fish option. A vegetarian option will also be served – with smoked tofu and sweet potato offered as a meat alternative.

Finest ingredients

Kristoffer Baek-Soerensen, head of food & beverage operations at Pullmantur Cruises and a member of Gastrolab puts product quality and planning at the forefront: ‘We use the best products to prepare our dishes and, to do so, it is key to carry out exhaustive planning that lets us provide our ships, with the grocery supply’.

Authentic ingredients are sourced where possible: ‘In addition, depending on our routes, we look for the best international products so that Gastrolab has maximum creative freedom but, at the same time, they are always accompanied by ingredients linked to Spanish gastronomy such as serrano ham, a good paprika or, of course, virgin olive oil’, concludes Baek-Soerensen.

The next steps for the cruise lines’ Gastrolab will be to create and introduce new dishes for the on-board menu, that will be a collaboration of the more than 350 crewmembers who work in the shipping kitchens.

Pullmantur Cruises put hospitality at the forefront and hosted 170 of its partners from across Spain and Latin America at a dinner event held by the cruise line in Madrid during the Fitur 2019 travel show earlier this year.