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Port of Quebec staff
From left, Port of Québec's Mario Girard, Québec Tourism Board President Andrée Gauthier and Director André Roy PHOTO: Québec Port Authority

Québec City cruise forum delves into tourism offerings, transport

Creating tourism activities and facilitating transport options with the goal of handling 400,000 cruise passengers by 2025 was the focus of the second Forum on the International Cruise Industry in Québec City.

The issues discussed at this month's gathering included the younger generation’s growing interest in cruising, development of the summer season and the 100 new ships that will be added to international fleet over the next five years.

The Forum was chaired by Mario Girard, president and CEO of the Québec Port Authority, and André Roy, outgoing director of Québec City Tourism. More than 110 people attended, including representatives of the tourism and maritime industries, cruise lines and citizen groups, as well as other members of the community.

2020‒2025 cruise action plan

Participants proposed creative solutions to meet future needs with respect to summer and winter cruisesand ensuring responsible, coordinated, sustainable development of the destination. Their ideas will serve as a basis for the next five-year action plan for the destination. The group also agreed that the Forum would be held every five years.

'Designing tourism products specifically for cruise ship passengers and extending them over a longer period during the year, including summer and winter, is the way to meet our goal while maintaining our welcoming environment for visitors that is so important,' Roy said. 'We encourage all stakeholders concerned to work together on this.'

'Smart, sustainable growth'

'Québec City is a mature destination noted for its leadership and the community’s commitment to the cruise ship industry,' Girard added. 'This commitment will ensure smart, sustainable growth that everybody is a part of.'

Caroline Proulx, Québec’s minister of tourism, attended the Forum opening along with Michelle Morin Doyle, deputy mayor of Québec City, plus a number of other city councilors in a strong show of support for regional cooperation.

The event followed the first Forum, in 2014, which focused on the growth and logistical management of the destination.

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