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Rangel re-introduces bill to lift US travel restrictions to Cuba

Rangel re-introduces bill to lift US travel restrictions to Cuba
Rep. Charles Rangel, a Democrat from New York, became the latest US lawmaker to introduce legislation that would lift travel restrictions between the US and Cuba. Rangel re-introduced the 'Export Freedom to Cuba Act of 2015.'

H.R. 634 was first introduced by Rangel in 2007 and has been reintroduced in every subsequent Congress.

'I have been fighting to normalize relations with Cuba for over 20 years. We are now closer than ever to modernizing the outdated policies of the Cold War,' Rangel said, adding this would benefit both the American and Cuban people.

According to Rangel, travel restrictions on Cuba prevent not just the free flow of people, goods and ideas, but are preventing a potentially booming tourist industry from taking root and creating jobs.

H.R. 634 has 26 co-sponsors.

Rangel was in Cuba on Dec. 17 when President Obama announced plans to normalize relations with Cuba.