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Rivages du Monde represents Variety Cruises on the French market

Rivages du Monde represents Variety Cruises on the French market
Paris-based operator Rivages du Monde - mainly specialising in river and coastal cruises – has added Greece’s Variety Cruises to its portfolio. It has been representing Louis' Celestyal Cruises brand in France since 2013.

Variety owns and operates seven ships able to carry between 44 and 70 passengers.

During the summer season, most of them sail the Cyclades, around the Peloponnese, between Athens and the Turkish coast, to Crete and the main islands in the Aegean sea.

In the winter, they are positioned in various areas such as Cuba, Cosa Rica and Panama Canal, the Seychelles and the Canary Islands.

Variety's big yachts enables access to many harbours inaccessible to larger ships, comments Alain Souleille, founder of Rivages du Monde in 2001.

Rivages du Monde’s destinations list includes Burma, Canada, the Danube, Scotland, Laos, Thailand, the Mekong, the Moladau and Elba, Russia, Patagonia and a selection of ocean cruises.