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S. Florida's Norwegian Shipping Club gets new name, board

S. Florida's Norwegian Shipping Club gets new name, board
South Florida's Norwegian Shipping Club & Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce has changed its name and elected a new board for 2015. The new name is Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce South East Chapter—NACC Florida for short.

The change, voted by members at their recent annual meeting, aligns the organization with other Norwegian-American chambers throughout the country.

There are no plans to change in other ways and the same type of programs and events will continue to be offered, president Inger-Torill Kirkeby said in a note.

Besides Kirkeby, the 2015 board includes Beate Jakobsen as evp, Frank Nieves as vp accounts and Ann Mari S. Meidel as vp secretarial. Directors are Jan Erik Andersen, Bjørn Fossen, Leif Griffin, Yngvar Larsen, Henrik Margard, Bettina Nowak and Bjarne Snopestad. Honorary Consul General Trond S. Jensen is ex-officio director.

NACC Florida's upcoming events include the Annual Codfish Dinner on Feb. 19 with speaker Geir Ness of Laila, an eau de parfum and natural skincare products company, and the March 16 Seatrade Kick-Off Party.