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Scientific researchers set to start work on-board Costa ships

Scientific researchers set to start work on-board Costa ships
CNR (Italian National Research Council) and Costa Cruises announced a framework agreement to further the cause of research in the fields of oceanography and marine science.

Data gathered by continuous monitoring of the stretches of sea on the routes sailed by the Italian company’s ships – with analysis of parameters such as temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen – will be processed and used to study climate change in the Mediterranean.  

Under the agreement, special monitoring units will also be set up on board in order to enable daytime sightings of whales and dolphins to study their behaviour and migration.  

Costa is making available its ships and its expertise to support the scientific research network run by the CNR.

'The distinctive feature of CNR’s work is the way it combines scientific and technological excellence with a decidedly interdisciplinary approach and enhances opportunities for exchange with other organizations, universities, institutions, companies and community stakeholders.  Accordingly, we’re delighted to be embarking with Costa on this adventure based on joint research, academic expertise and scientific dissemination,' said Enrico Brugnoli, director of the CNR’s Department of Earth System Sciences and Environmental Technology.

'Raising the awareness of our guests to the need to safeguard the environment, especially the marine environment, is an integral part of our commitment.  We’ve been working for some time now on practical ways of promoting both the development of scientific research, and projects and processes directed at responsible innovation,' said Costa Cruises sustainability & external Relations director Stefania Lallai.