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SeaDream Innovation will be able to sail up to three hours on battery power

Article-SeaDream Innovation will be able to sail up to three hours on battery power

SeaDream Innovation
SeaDream Innovation will have a hybrid propulsion system, waste heat recovery system and podded propulsors, as well as the ability to connect to shore power
Newbuild SeaDream Innovation will be equipped with a large battery pack of approximately 4 MWh, enabling silent, emissions-free sailing for up to three hours, with no disturbance to wildlife.

Enova grant

SeaDream Yacht Club received a $1.8m grant from Enova, an organization owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, to foster SeaDream Innovation's development.

'We are extremely grateful that Enova supports our environmental efforts. Without this solid support from Enova, this would not have been possible,' SeaDream owner Atle Brynestad said. 'We are proud to contribute to the cruise industry by taking the lead in developing more environmentally friendly vessels that will also sail with the Norwegian flag.'

SeaDream Innovation's hybrid propulsion system will reduce emissions by supporting the diesel generators in peak shaving mode, cutting fuel consumption. The mega-yacht will be able to sail to sensitive areas such as the Norwegian Fjords and along the ice edge toward the North Pole because of this system.

Added safety

The batteries also bring an added degree of safety, acting as 'spinning reserve' which, in the event of an engine shutdown, switches instantaneously to the use of batteries without loss of power.

'Batteries have entered the maritime sector but, until now, there has been little experience to show in practice, especially in cruise ships,' Enova CEO Nils Kristian Nakstad said. 'When it comes to electricity production of surplus heat, land-based industry has shown what is possible. But at sea, such solutions are currently used very little. We depend on more people developing and using these technologies the world needs.'

Hurtigruten newbuilds, too

Enova has also supported Hurtigruten in its development of battery power for newbuilds Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen.

Waste heat recovery, shore power

SeaDream Innovation will also install an Organic Rankine Cycle machine that takes waste heat from the engines and converts it into electricity. This can produce up to 150 kW of electrical power, which would otherwise have been wasted energy, and instead reduces fuel consumption and results in lower emissions.

Plus, SeaDream Innovation also plug into shoreside electrical grids around the world thanks to a multi-voltage shore connection system.

The mega-yacht has four modern diesel engines and a selective catalytic reduction system for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions to the most stringent IMO rules with engines rated to meet MARPOL Tier III requirements. As well, SeaDream Innovation will be equipped with two podded propulsors for efficiency and maneuverability.

The 15,600gt ship will be built at Damen's Mangalia yard in Romania and is scheduled to enter service in September 2021.

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