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Southern Cone Ports Corp. elects new directors

conosur's juan marcos mancilla, carlos mondaca, rodrigo pinto
Cono Sur officers, from left, Secretary Juan Marcos Mancilla, logistics manager, Puerto Valparaíso; President Carlos Mondaca, public affairs manager, Puerto San Antonio; and First VP Rodrigo Pinto, general manager, Puerto Arica
Carlos Mondaca, public affairs manager for the port company of San Antonio, assumed the presidency of Chile's Southern Cone Ports Corp. (Cono Sur) following the election of directors for 2019-2020.

The first vice president of the organization continues in the hands of Arica port, while the second vice president will be represented by Talcahuano-San Vicente, the treasurer by Puerto Montt and the secretary by Valparaíso.

Mondaca succeeds Chacabuco's Enrique Runin

After his appointment, Mondaca — who succeeded Enrique Runin, general manager of the Chacabuco port company — expressed his appreciation for the board's trust and for the opportunity to contribute to Chile's cruise sector.

'The Corporation has positioned itself as an important entity in cruise tourism in Chile,' Mondaca said. 'We are aware of the many challenges of the cruise market. That is why we will work to develop and strengthen this industry in the country, together with each of the port cities that make up this Corporation.'

All 10 state port companies represented

Mondaca also stressed that for the first time in Cono Sur's history, all 10 state port companies are part of the organization, 'which is very relevant because all the ports in Chile are represented, from north to south.'

Cono Sur is a private nonprofit group that brings together the ports of Arica, Iquique, Antofagasta, Coquimbo, Valparaíso, San Antonio, Talcahuano-San Vicente, Puerto Montt and Castro, Chacabuco and Punta Arenas (including Puerto Natales and Puerto Williams), together with the agent Inchcape Shipping Services and the tour operator DMC Chile.