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St. Maarten will create facility at the port to host FCCA event

Anne Kalosh
FCCA president Michele Paige and chairman Kevin Sheehan with Port of St. Maarten CEO Mark Mingo
The Port of St. Maarten has commissioned Eventstar Structures to develop a temporary convention center at the port to serve as the venue for the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association Conference & Trade Show. The event is set for Oct. 6-10.

'Once again, St. Maarten leads the way in providing the necessary infrastructure to support the cruise industry,' FCCA said in a release.

According to the association, the facility's backdrop of cruise ships will give attendees 'a stunning view and a convenient hub' for the event's business sessions, private meetings, workshops and registration. Trade show exhibitors will be front and center in the facility's largest exhibit hall, which will be positioned so attendees enter and pass through the hall to access any conference functions.

'We are honored and excited to again host the FCCA Conference & Trade Show,' said Mark Mingo, CEO, Port of St. Maarten. He added that in 2003, St. Maarten 'saw the benefits for all involved' and used this understanding to further integrate the event's business and social functions with St. Maarten's attractions to show 'why so many passengers visit our port and destination.'

St. Maarten has 'pulled out all the stops to woo the cruise executives and conference delegates, and hosting for a second time allows all to see the progress made over the last decade because of its dedication to cruise tourism,' FCCA president Michele Paige said.

'We are thrilled to be bringing the FCCA's 21st Conference and Trade Show back to St. Maarten to showcase all that they have achieved in creating a world-class cruise destination,' added FCCA chairman Kevin Sheehan, president and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line.