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Terror threat against Norway: port and vessel security tightened (**updated**)

Terror threat against Norway: port and vessel security tightened (**updated**)
Update: Norway called off its terror alert July 31, with the head of the country's security service, PST, saying the threat of an imminent attack was over. Norway’s ports and airports are on high alert after information obtained by Norway’s security service, PST, suggests a terrorist attack could be imminent. Norwegian maritime authorities have also requested ships calling at Norwegian ports to raise security levels.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has called all Norwegian port facilities covered by the ISPS code to elevate levels of security. ‘Security level 2 will apply until further notice is received from the NCA’, the Administration said in a statement issued on Friday, ‘higher security levels involve stricter access to port facilities for both people and cargo. This also affects ships calling at the port facility.’

In a memo for all vessels bound for Norwegian ports, the Norwegian Maritime Authority wrote it was necessary for vessels to raise the Security Level to 2 as well and to implement all measures as described in the SSP (Ship Security Plan) for this level. ‘We also ask all vessels to ensure that their requirement for use of the Declaration of Security (DoS) is taken care of,’ the NMA added. 

The raise of security levels in all Norwegian ISPS ports will remain in force until further notice.

PST said it had no information about the specific target and how an attack will be carried out.