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Uniworld adopts Fidelio Cruise's ResOnline system

Uniworld adopts Fidelio Cruise's ResOnline system
Uniworld has just completed the upgrade of its passenger management system with the installation of Fidelio Cruise’s ResOnline system.

The river cruise line has deployed Fidelio’s latest generation software onboard its fleet of 11 cruise vessels and in central Europe offices.

Installation of the new IT system was successfully completed ashore and afloat over a three-week period in May.

The Uniworld solution was complex in that the company’s legacy reservation system, Longitude, is based in Los Angeles and the ResOnline server is hosted in Basel, Switzerland.

The ResOnline has no manual steps which creates greater efficiency and sends the bookings, changes, cancellations etc. to the ships on a 24/7 basis, providing real time information to both shipboard and shoreside management.

‘ResOnline is designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of cruise line operations to provide the same accurate data to cruise managers onboard ships and in the office simultaneously,’ said Fidelio Cruise, president Antonius Heuer.

A key benefit of the system is that it enables sales staff ashore and cruise managers onboard ships to identify open sales opportunities. These can then be sold, with or without incentives, to generate additional revenue that would otherwise have been lost.

In addition to extending the sales window in the office and onboard ship, ResOnline also prevents double or lost bookings and any negative feedback that may result. The precise times for data transmission can be managed to the minute to meet the deadlines of each individual ship.

Constant updates cover passenger records, flight details, amenities, special requests, pre-posting, discounts, pre-booked and pre-paid excursions, spa treatments, dining reservations and special dietary requirements.

Uniworld plans to extend its use of Fidelio Cruise software with the installation later this year of the Fidelio’s Emergency Response System and FC Smart system across its fleet.

ResOnline is also used by other cruise lines including Holland America Line, and MSC.