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What you may not know about Edie Rodriguez ...

Chairman, ceo and president
Edie Rodriguez and the unprecedented Crystal brand expansion have been much in the headlines this year. But what many may not realize is that Rodriguez is not only Crystal's chief executive and president, she's chairman, too.

The chairman title has been hers since May 2015, when Genting Hong Kong completed the Crystal acquisition. She just hasn't used it.

'Now, more than ever, I'm being asked to be a voice for women to show that gender shouldn't matter,' Rodriguez told Seatrade Cruise News. Other women in travel view her as a glass ceiling-breaker and a role model.

'It seems to be a prudent time now to showcase that even a woman can be chairman of a cruise company, a yacht expedition company, a river cruise company, a charter air company, a residence at sea company and an around the world by private jet company,' Rodriguez said.

'My chairman [Tan Sri KT Lim] said he chose me for this role because he feels I'm the best person, not because of gender. It should be the best person for the job. It's sad the rest of the world doesn't always work that way.' Lim has encouraged her to use her chairman title.

Rodriguez spoke Wednesday from Crystal Mozart, where she's hosting Crystal River Cruises' first President's Cruise, after opening an Amsterdam support office for the river division.

She's responsible for everything Crystal-related, and always on the go.

'Now I am the “mobile global” chairman, ceo and president, and to my knowledge the only female in the cruise industry to have all three titles,' she said.