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Arison Family’s bushfire donation to assist with children’s education

Sture Myrmell.jpeg
‘These children need resources to return to school,’ Sture Myrmell said
The A$1.5m (US$1m) donation from the Micky and Madeleine Arison Family Foundation, reported here earlier, will focus on the needs of children in families who have lost everything or been badly affected during Australia’s disastrous bushfires.

UNICEF Australia

Carnival Australia President Sture Myrmell said UNICEF Australia will receive A$1.2m to provide essential and targeted support for hundreds of children in families whose lives have been thrown into turmoil.

‘With only a few weeks to go before school resumes, the immediate needs of these children will be very specific, including uniforms, textbooks, other education supplies and electronic learning devices, but many will need long term support,’ Myrmell said.

‘UNICEF Australia explains that it is important for children who have lived through disasters to return to life as quickly as possible and one of those ways is to help them get back into the classroom and resume their education.’

Timely support

UNICEF Australia CEO Tony Stuart said the Arison family’s welcome donation will provide timely and practical support for the specific back-to-school needs of children.

‘In two short weeks, children will be heading back to school, but for some of the most fire-affected children this will be a challenge having lost all their possessions,’ Stuart said.

‘Getting them back to school is only the start,’ he said. ‘Many children will be deeply affected by trauma and their ability to learn and fully participate will hinge on whether they are adequately supported to heal and recover.’

Wildlife fund

The family foundation will also support a separate project to help Australia’s unique wildlife.


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