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In Focus: Covid-19 Solutions

Coronavirus thermal screening with AI for multiple applications

CRUISE Resco.jpg
Body temperature can be monitored during on shore excursions
Rescompany and VOne Technology have collaborated to produce contactless real-time health screening, alleged to lessen the risk of cross-infection and minimise human error without impacting embarkation throughput.

Thermal imaging 

Accurate to ±0.3°C, 160×120 thermal resolution cameras installed via wall or pole mount scan passengers and crew at key checkpoints (e.g. pre-arrival, transfers, cruise terminal, gangway, lobby, safety areas, outlets, restaurants, crew areas, crew mess etc.) to record body temperatures for analysis by medics. Crew may then be alerted whenever a temperature measurement exceeds pre-defined thresholds, ensuring swift action can be taken to address potential health issues. 

Facial recognition 

The cameras can be paired with facial recognition software made up of algorithms that can identify individuals during autocount, even in instances where protective face masks are worn.


Temperature readings are stored in the Resco On Board and Resco Central systems for analysis and close contact tracing, which are accessible on a range of handheld devices.