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In Focus: Covid-19 Solutions

Foreship proposes Project Hygiea to tackle spread of coronavirus

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It is hoped the four step plan will keep coronavirus from cruise ships
Foreship has devised an initiative coined Project Hygiea to try to limit the presence and spread of coronavirus and other pathogens on board passenger ships.

Project Hygiea consists of four steps: interception, prevention, mitigation and evacuation. Implementation of all four will depend on an initial ‘Hazard and Operability’ (HAZOP) analysis, which involves Foreship collaborating with vessels’ stakeholders to identify risk and develop ship-tailored solutions. Once the impact of measures on board and in port are assessed and approved, engineering works, installation, commissioning and verification are granted.

Four stages

Foreship propose a first step aiming to keep coronavirus off ships, with technology installed for testing and measuring body temperature. In the event that a vaccine becomes widely available, passengers will be screened for vaccination before being allowed to board. 

Stages 2 and 3  

Stage 2 covers prevention and isolation involving stringent hygiene measures and space being optimised to limit contact between passengers, with crew undergoing training in sanitation and social distancing protocols. Stage 3 involves isolation of pathogens where quarantining and decontamination procedures are laid out; air treatment systems and medical facilities are provided. 

Evacuation procedures 

In Stage 4 evacuation procedures are put in place on board the ship for speedy extraction in the case of critical incidents; emergency suits, capsules and craft are made available.

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