Copenhagen welcomes Cruise Baltic attendees with city highlights tour

Discovering the 'secret power' at Christiansborg Palace during a team challenge PHOTO: Michelle Winny

Copenhagen was the first city stop on this year’s Cruise Baltic familiarization trip.

Participants include 45 members from the Baltic region, 20 from ports and 25 from destinations with representatives from 11 cruise lines.

Canal boat tour, Christiansborg Palace

After meetings with the cruise line executives on Monday, the group experienced some local attractions starting with a city sightseeing tour from the water on a relaxing, hour-long canal boat trip.

The group then participated in a treasure hunt challenge to discover the ‘secret power’ at Christiansborg Palace. Teams had to crack a code to decipher the messages hidden throughout the palace to move forward in the game.

Tivoli, Meatpacking District

A visit to Tivoli Gardens allowed some time to unwind among the pleasure gardens with their brightly lit shops, restaurants, bars and rides.

Attendees had a nightcap in the Meatpacking District, a trendy area of bars and eateries.

Posted 7 May 2019

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