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Scenic Eclipse II named in Malaga by former NASA astronaut

Article-Scenic Eclipse II named in Malaga by former NASA astronaut

Clockwise top L-R: One of the ship's two helicopters on display for the naming ceremony; Kathryn Sullivan delivers a speech during the festivities; Kathryn Sullivan and Glen Moroney side by side centre front.
Scenic Eclipse II was named in Malaga on Saturday by former NASA astronaut Dr. Kathryn Sullivan in the company of Scenic Group owners Glen and Karen Moroney.

The port was decorated for the occasion with the evening sun beaming down on guests. Speeches were made by Glen Moroney and Sullivan, as well as president of Málaga Port Authority Carlos Rubio – who presented Glen Moroney with a special plaque to mark the occasion – and deputy minister for tourism Victor Gonzalez. 

An unprecedented list of accomplishments 

‘It is rare to find anyone who has the list of unprecedented accomplishments achieved by Dr. Kathy Sullivan,’ suggested Glen Moroney, founder and chairman, Scenic Group. ‘The depth of her experiences above our planet, and on and below our seas, and her incredible passion for exploration is truly inspiring and is what we feel makes her the perfect representation of our newest Scenic Eclipse Discovery Yacht.’ 

He mused, ‘Although we are not able to duplicate some of her more extreme adventures – yet – we do believe that Scenic Eclipse II offers our guests exploration possibilities unlike any in the industry. We are so honored to have Dr. Sullivan as the godmother of Scenic Eclipse II and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.’ 

Kathy Sullivan 

Sullivan is an American geologist and oceanographer, and a former NASA astronaut. She is the first American woman to walk in space and a veteran of three shuttle missions. Sullivan also holds the honour of being the first woman to visit the deepest spot in the oceans, the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, seven miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. 

In addition to a number of other accolades, Sullivan is also the holder of three Guinness World Records: the first woman to reach the Challenger Deep, the first person to visit space and the deepest point on Earth, and the greatest vertical extent travelled by an individual (within Earth's exosphere) gaining her the title as the ‘World’s Most Vertical Person.’ 

‘I was so honored to be asked to be godmother of Scenic Eclipse II as it was not something I ever expected,’ remarked Sullivan during the naming ceremony. ‘But now that I have had the opportunity to tour the ship with Glen and Karen Moroney, and hear their story and see their vision for travel, I am eager to join her for a sailing.’ 

Bringing more good humour to the mix, she said, ‘Seeing the level of luxury that is possible in what is truly an expedition vessel has me wondering what the Moroneys could do with the rather restrictive confines of the Space Shuttle and the super cramped environment of the submersible we used to dive the Mariana Trench. I am touched and honoured to be Scenic Eclipse II’s Godmother.’

Scenic Eclipse was introduced in 2019 with Scenic Eclipse II launched on April 13, 2023.

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