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SeaDream adds second yacht to Norway program on high demand

CRUISE SeaDream Norwegian Fjords.jpg
SeaDream yacht in a Norwegian Fjord
SeaDream Yacht Club raised the number of its Norway cruises from nine to 21 due to high demand.

Mainly Norwegian, Danish travelers

The decision came just days after SeaDream announced the voyages, to start already this month, on SeaDream I. Now SeaDream II will be deployed as well. The market for these cruises is primarily Norwegians and Danes. Travel is allowed between the two countries for residents. Due to current restrictions, non-Norwegian travelers may be required to self-quarantine before boarding.

SeaDream I is scheduled to sail past the Arctic Circle to the Lofoten Islands in 12-day voyages between Oslo and Tromsø. SeaDream II will sail seven-day voyages between Oslo and Bergen. Both will visit Ålesund, Flåm and Olden as well as Skagen, Denmark. On June 27, both ships will sail together from Oslo to Skagen.

'Phones ringing off the hook'

'It has been a very exciting time for our company after pausing sailings in March. We are very happy to see this high demand for our new Norwegian voyages. Our phones have been ringing off the hook from 8 a.m. to midnight with booking requests since the Norwegian voyages were announced,' SeaDream EVP Andreas Brynestad said.

Recently, the crew completed the World Health Organization's official COVID-19 course for hygiene routines and infection management. Passengers and crew will observe social distancing and pass health checks before boarding.