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'We can't let the cruise lines go out of business': Trump

Trump briefing Sunday, 3-22-20.jpg
Speaking on Sunday, Donald Trump said cruise lines provide 'massive numbers of jobs'
Discussing businesses threatened by the impact of coronavirus, President Donald Trump once again indicated support for the cruise industry.

'Look at the cruise lines. That's a big business,' Trump said during Sunday's White House coronavirus task force briefing. He noted the lines had been doing very well and building many ships until just before the pandemic.

'Massive numbers of jobs'

'We can't let the cruise lines go out of business — that will be massive numbers of jobs for our country,' Trump said.

'We have to take care of our workers,' he added.

Speaking about business in general, Trump said: 'We have to save the companies ... We have to make sure the companies are whole.' If businesses go under, he indicated, that will seriously impact economic recovery following the coronavirus crisis. 'We want to be sure these companies are ready to charge forward,' he said.

'May be using cruise ships' in New York

When discussing New York, one of the places hardest hit, Trump also said some cruise ships may be used there for medical support, adding that a good docking system is available. 

Later, mentioning drugs being supplied to the state that could make 'a whole different game,' Trump added he hoped the cruise ships wouldn't be needed.