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Carnival’s new campaign calls its guests ‘The Fun Ones’

SCREEN SHOT: CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE Carnival's 'The Fun One's screen shot.jpg
The campaign showcases travelers who embrace life by being their most fun selves on board.
Evolving its ‘Choose Fun’ branding, Carnival Cruise Line launched a new marketing campaign, ‘The Fun Ones.’

This celebrates the playful spirit of its guests, how they choose fun and the bond they have with their fellow cruisers who are ‘shamelessly true to themselves.’

Created with Anomaly

Created in tandem with advertising agency of record Anomaly, the campaign showcases travelers who embrace life by being their most fun selves on board.

With vibrant imagery and tag lines like ‘The Fun Ones Plan for No Plans’ and ‘Choose a Vacation as Fun as You,’ the campaign conveys the everyone-is-welcome atmosphere that attracts nearly 6m passengers annually and how they make vacations more fun. The  ads show viewers that when they board a Carnival ship, they’re not sailing with strangers — they’re among friends.

TV and radio spots in key markets

This message is delivered in out-of-home elements along with 15-, 30- and 60-second commercials airing in key markets such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Tampa, Houston and Orlando on television and radio, as well as national digital properties including YouTube and Hulu.

In one spot, a passenger struts along the Lido Deck in a pink flamingo-shaped inner tube, to the delight of his fellow shipmates, while a bride plunges into the pool instead of tossing her bouquet.

They're eccentric, even cheesy

‘Silly, oddballs, goofballs, even weirdos,’ the voice-over goes. ‘They’re out there, eccentric, some might even say cheesy. But no matter what others think of them, they’re the ones that make our lives more fun.’

‘We all have a “Fun One” in our lives, someone we love to be around or want to be like, and this campaign showcases the exuberant spirit of our guests who truly make a Carnival cruise a vacation like no other,’ said Pete Callaro, senior vice president of brand and product marketing for Carnival. ‘When consumers see the new spots, they will recognize the “Fun One” in their lives and be inspired to have that fun together on a Carnival cruise.’

The ‘Choose Fun’ campaign kicked off 2018’s wave season and introduced Shaquille O’Neal as the company’s chief fun officer.


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