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Finding passion and purpose: Andy Stuart's pep talk to Signature travel advisors

'Do your due diligence now to become the person you want to be,' Andy Stuart told Signature Travel Network travel advisors
Giving a dose of adrenaline to travel advisors left weary and wary from the pandemic, Andy Stuart urged them to redefine their role to find joy in a reconfigured industry.

In remarks to Signature Travel Network advisors Tuesday, the former president and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line said he doesn't see a return to the past. And with the rebirth of the travel industry coming, few can be sure of their individual place and role in this new world. This uncertainly may be frustrating now, but he said it presents an opportunity for travel advisors.

'Define your own passion and purpose'

'The most important step is to define your own passion and purpose. In doing this you will find your “why,” why you work and what you want to do with your life,' Stuart said. 'If you look at your passion and purpose, those things that bring you joy, you will find your own personal why and that is your launching pad to soar as the travel industry is reborn.

'This is the time to redefine your role in the reconfigured travel world. Search for where you will find joy as the industry opens again. Define it and go after it.'

Stuart shared how self-examination led him to his passion and purpose: 'Mine is to build a team and create a culture to build outsize outcomes.'

After decades at NCL, culminating as CEO, Stuart left in 2019. The timing was fortuitous before the onset of COVID but also frustrating, he noted, as he's often wished to help colleagues fighting for their very survival these past 20 months.

Unity for survival

Stuart's been impressed with the industry response to the pandemic and how it quickly developed a plan to outlast it — though things have dragged on much longer than anyone envisioned. Fierce competitors became partners, consortia like Signature Travel Network, organizations like the American Society of Travel Advisors and suppliers worldwide recognized that unity and sharing information was essential.   

In his inspirational message to Signature travel advisors, Stuart challenged them: 'What is your personal plan to drive success to capitalize on the pent-up demand that we all know is there? How will you increase your knowledge, your expertise to make you the best prepared, most knowledgeable advisor coming out of this crisis?

'Do your due diligence now'

'Do your due diligence now to become the person you want to be,' Stuart said. 

'We all love this industry but that bright shining light will offer new opportunities, new roles that will help you see your purpose.  Don’t jump back on the treadmill.  Those who really look at what brings them joy will be the winners as the world reshapes itself.'

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