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New Hurtigruten Foundation MD Henrik Lund encouraging travellers to act sustainably

IMAGE: Knowit / Hurtigruten CRUISE_Hurtigruten_Foundation.jpg
L-R: Newly appointed MD at Hurtigruten Foundation Henrik Lund (photo: Knowit) and Daniel Skjeldam, CEO of Hurtigruten Group and chairman of Hurtigruten Foundation (photo: Hurtigruten)
Henrik Lund, the newly appointed MD at Hurtigruten Foundation, aims to ‘turn our guests' vacation into a vocation’ and ‘empower travellers to become natural allies for the communities they visit long after they explored with us.’

As well as being the previous chief of staff to José María Figueres - the former president of Costa Rica - and a past CEO of the World Economic Forum, Lund has worked as director of institutional relations at the Bellona Foundation where he will continue to serve as chairman while in his role at Hurtigruten.

Inspiring change

‘Fighting to save the planet is no longer a debate, it is a duty, and we at Hurtigruten Foundation are committed to becoming leaders of that change and will inspire our guests to do the same,’ explained Lund. ‘It’s not enough anymore to say we have to cut carbon emissions or reduce plastic pollution on beaches, we have to show how we are doing it and how it is possible.’ 

The ‘rebel’ of Hurtigruten Group

Praising Hurtigruten Group’s endevours to hold itself accountable and make long-lasting impact, Lund added, ‘I don’t think there is any global company operating out of Norway that is as proactive in their approach to sustainable tourism as Hurtigruten Group…

‘In a way, we will be the “rebel in the house” of Hurtigruten Group and will constantly challenge the company to make real and meaningful change.’

With less than four months to go to until the COP 26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, Lund urged, ‘The time for talking and photo opps is over. We need brave politicians to implement proactive climate policies that give clear pathways to climate targets, targets that all of us - whether it be the business community or the conscious traveller - can really get behind and help achieve together.’

Investing in local cultures and wildlife conservation

Daniel Skjeldam, CEO of Hurtigruten Group and chairman of Hurtigruten Foundation, commented, ‘Our mission is to educate and inform our guests and turn them into ambassadors long after their Hurtigruten experience. Henrik’s leadership and knowledge will allow us to do this and invest in communities through projects like wildlife conservation, plastic pollution reduction or local heritage initiatives. 

‘I am looking forward to working with and being challenged by ensure that our guests of tomorrow can enjoy the same unique experiences as our guests of today.’

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