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P&O Pacific Partnership supports mothers and babies in Papua New Guinea

UNICEF Australia expressed its gratitude for the Partnership’s support of 'Saving Lives, Spreading Smiles'
P&O Cruises Australia’s charity, P&O Pacific Partnership, funded by a A$1 donation from every passenger, has been thanked by UNICEF Australia for its ‘crucial support and commitment’ to the ‘Saving Lives, Spreading Smiles’ programme in Papua New Guinea.

‘Saving Lives, Spreading Smiles’ has saved the lives of hundreds of mothers and newborn babies in remote areas of the Western Highlands and Milne Bay Provinces.

6,000 newborns die

Papua New Guinea has one of the worst maternal and child health indicators in the Pacific region, with 6,000 babies dying within the first six months of their lives, mostly from conditions easily prevented with basic medical care. 

‘The communities we visit in PNG are close to our hearts and we look forward to our ships returning there with the much anticipated restart of cruising,’ said P&O Cruises Australia President Sture Myrmell

Warm welcome

‘Our guests, who appreciate the warm welcome they received in PNG, will be delighted that P&O Pacific Partnership that they so generously support made such a positive difference to the wellbeing of mothers and babies,’ Myrmell said.

‘Having seen the programme in action, it is inspiring to know that the Partnership’s support helped save hundreds of mothers and infants.’

PNG cruises cancelled

The company has been forced to cancel voyages to Papua New Guinea for the remainder of the year as part of its rolling pause.

Vanuatu aid

In February Seatrade Cruise News reported that a donation from the P&O Pacific Partnership to ‘Giving Hands Vanuatu’ helped with repairs to the local hospital.

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