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Vikand appoints Ronald Spithout as MD of OneHealth

Ronald Spithout (left) new managing director of OneHealth meets Vikand CEO Peter Hult
Vikand appointed Ronald Spithout as managing director for its proactive total healthcare solution, OneHealth, to support seafarers’ well-being.

Spithout will combine his role at Vikand with his duties at MariDISC, the company he started in 2022 and where he blends his over 30 years of experience in telecommunications with 20 years in digital applications for mobile satellite communications. 

Inmarsat experience

Previously, he worked for nine years at Inmarsat, of which six years as President of Inmarsat’s maritime business.

His key responsibilities at Vikand will be to communicate and grow the OneHealth business in the commercial maritime sector by promoting the digital innovation and progressive medical insights of OneHealth to proactively focus on seafarers’ overall wellness, not just concentrating reactively on specific illnesses or conditions.

Seafarers' healthcare

The aim of OneHealth is to change the perception of healthcare in the maritime industry from viewing it as a cost to a value driver and addressing not only the obvious physical and mental aspects of well-being on board, but also the direct positive impact on important KPIs such as safety, preservation of experience and risk management. 
Vikand CEO Peter Hult called Spithout's experience and knowledge 'invaluable in helping to shape the future growth potential for Vikand's proactive healthcare services. Our OneHealth by Vikand approach is to offer support and healthcare advice to seafarers by offering sustainable solutions to enable them keep in the best possible shape in body and soul.'

Cruise industry

Spithout commented: 'Vikand is obviously not new to me, but I am excited to see that they have reached a stage whereby they are combining their innovative digital solutions and proven capabilities in physical and mental healthcare in the cruise industry, for use in all commercial maritime environments.'