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AECO releases new guidelines for visitors to Reykjanesbær

PHOTO: OZZO PHOTOGRAPHY cruise_iceland_community_guidelines.jpg
The guidelines explain to cruise passengers what is acceptable and actions to avoid while in Reykjanesbær
The Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO) released new guidelines for visitors to Reykjanesbær, Iceland, based on community input.

‘We are very happy about the collaboration with the local community,’ said Frigg Jørgensen, executive director of AECO. ‘It is the foundation for successful visits for both visitors and the visited, as it involves local knowledge and local ownership.’

In November 2022, AECO facilitated a workshop that led to the newest addition of the Community Specific Guidelines for Iceland. It is the ninth of its kind, developed through an initiative from the municipality of Reykjanes, Reykjanes harbour and Visit Reykjanes.

The new guidelines describe Reykjanesbær as a dynamic community with an expanding population. It gives information about museums, other cultural experiences and where to find restaurants and unique shops. It also tells visitors how to handle trash and what to be aware of regarding the sensitive nature in the area.

Positive for cruise

‘The work on the community guidelines has been informative and helped to define the experiences and expectations of the community when receiving cruise ship visitors…’ stated harbour master Halldor Hermannsson. ‘AECO's initiative in these matters is exemplary and will definitely result in a positive impact for all stakeholders in the near future.’

Thura Halldóra Aradóttir, manager, Visit Reykjanes added, ‘Only by working together can we ensure the sustainable growth, development, and promotion of our destination, while preserving its unique character and enhancing the visitor experience.

‘The community guidelines and the work everyone involved has put into it is taking us one step forward in developing a successful destination for cruise tourism.’