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Bermello Ajamil and IDEAS team for experiential destination development

Bermello Ajamil & Partners and IDEAS, a brand activation and experience design company, are joining forces to develop what they envision as spectacular guest-centered experiences across the globe.

The team said its power is the seamless integration of its members' imagination and expertise. Included are experts in creativity, planning, design, theming, market research, financial feasibility, operations planning, branding and project management services.

Single-point accountability

The partnership will provider single-point accountability from the initial concept through opening day.

Grounded in market intelligence, the team's 'Destination Performance' proposition aims at aligning the delivery of distinctive experiences, maximizing guests’ curiosity and passion, activatintg a high performing brand and optimizing the return on development and operational dollars.

Timing is right to disrupt the status quo

While the pandemic has been challenging, it has presented an opportunity for destinations to reimagine the ways they engage visitors. The timing is right, BA and IDEAS said, to disrupt the status quo and offer a completely new way to think about destination design, built on a sustainable relationship between guests, operators and destinations.

Together, BA and IDEAS aim to transform the way destinations are imagined, presented and experienced. They said cruise ports that are ready with a fresh experience portfolio that safely immerses guests in their unique cultural stories will accelerate into a new level of sustainable visitation and revenues as travel and exploration build through 2022 and beyond.

'For decades, BA has delivered some of the most iconic cruise facilities, waterfronts and private islands in the world,' said BA's Mark Ittel, SVP ports & maritime. 'Our partnership with IDEAS broadens our delivery to include theming, attraction development, storytelling and brand activation.

A 'great match'

'Our understanding of the operations and distinctive design details required for these destinations coupled with IDEAS' experiential development expertise is a great match.'

Bob Allen, chief storytelling officer for Orlando-based IDEAS, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership's ability to help destinations 'define what truly sets them apart as distinctive, leveraging their centuries of history, culture, art, food and music in ways that no one else can offer.'