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Costa Cruises offers new portfolio of tours designed by National Geographic

Trekking in Gran Canaria with National Geographic-trained guide
Through a new portfolio of tours designed by National Geographic, Costa Cruises will offer ten new shore-based experiences this summer in the Mediterranean, Canary Islands, and Madeira.

The new excursion proposal, available from June, will lead guests to the discovery of some of the most unexplored and captivating destinations in Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia, the Canary Islands and Madeira, through unique experiences that will allow guests to immerse themselves in local cultures, witnessing the most authentic aspect of each destination and those who live there.

Guests will be accompanied by expert local guides trained by National Geographic, who will lead them in the discovery of the destinations through their eyes, along unexpected routes, places, and experiences outside the traditional itineraries.

National Geographic Society

A portion of the proceeds from each tour will go to the National Geographic Society to fund research and sustainable programs around the world. In addition, they are designed specifically for small groups to foster a personal relationship with the guide in respect of nature.

In the Western Mediterranean, Costa suggests Mount Raschio in Rome, to enjoy a hiking experience in a protected beech forest, recognized as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, while a local guide shares insight on the work by National Geographic Explorer Alfredo di Filippo for the study and preservation of this unique place.

In Naples, guests will get insight on the daily life of sea turtles and the work of National Geographic Explorer Sandra Hochscheid, who is working to preserve marine turtles at Turtle Point in Portici, the largest sea turtle research center in the Mediterranean and part of the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station.

Herbalist guide

In Ibiza, an herbalist guide will be showing the island's authentic countryside, introducing the smells and tastes of wild herbs and teaching about their uses. Afterward, guests will be able to discover beekeeping and the importance of bees for the ecosystem, at an organic bee farm open exclusively to National Geographic travelers.
In the Eastern Mediterranean, guests will enjoy an authentic local experience in Mykonos with a local family who will open the doors of their home exclusively for them, offering traditional food, music, stories about island life, and cultural anecdotes.

In Dubrovnik, guests can discover the many benefits and flavors of oyster aquaculture by sailing in the pristine waters of Mali Ston Bay, a special nature reserve, and visiting a local oyster farm.

A marine biology experience will also be provided in Rhodes, where guests can learn about Blutopia, a small family-run business that seeks to keep young scientists on the island and protect the natural marine environment, while discovering aquaculture and marine ecotourism.

Volcanic wine tasting

In the Canary Islands, in Lanzarote, guests will be able to taste a volcanic wine grown on a local winery in La Geria which is usually closed to the public. A winemaker and biologist will explain how, after a series of volcanic eruptions that forever changed the region’s appearance and terrain, local farmers found a new and unique method of cultivation.

In Gran Canaria, guests will be able to explore the lush forests and rocky cliffs of the island's mountains, among ancient settlements and sacred sites. Accompanied by a National Geographic-trained guide, guests will hike hidden trails and discover scenic viewpoints while savoring local cuisine.

Rural traditions

Waiting for guests in Tenerife is the last stronghold of local herders, in Teno Alto: a fortress of the island's rural traditions. In this protected area, locals are committed to preserving not only the surrounding wilderness, but also the cultural traditions. Guests can interact with locals, visit a typical dairy farm and have lunch at a local restaurant.

Finally, in Funchal, Madeira, Costa Cruises are proposing a hands-on discovery of sustainable agriculture at the Quinta Pedagogica da Camacha farm, where guests can learn about the environmental impact of certain agricultural practices as they engage in activities and workshops guided by the farm’s owner, before enjoying homemade cakes and freshly brewed tea.