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Cruise ships get the green light to homeport at Fusina, Venice

A new agreement will allow cruise ships to berth at Fusina, a commercial port on the mainland across the Venice Lagoon
An agreement was signed between Venice Ro-Port Mos and Venezia Terminal Passeggeri (VTP) allowing cruise ships to dock and homeport at Fusina on the mainland across the Venice Lagoon.

Venice Ro-Port Mos is the concessionaire for the Autostrade del Mare terminal at Fusina. The deal, penned yesterday, follows Seatrade Cruise News' report on efforts to find new landing areas for large cruise ships in Venice Lagoon after their ban from Giudecca Canal last August.

Possibly up to 60 calls/year

Maurizio Boschiero, CEO, Venice Ro-Port Mos, said it will allow the Fusina terminal to ‘hopefully’ host up to 60 cruise calls a year, adding, ‘Venice Ro-Port Mos is already in negotiations to bring another 40 ro-pax ferries to Fusina.’

The agreement is effective from next summer to 2026.

Two quays and a passenger processing area

Venice Ro-Port Mos will provide two quays and an area for processing passengers, and build a dedicated access road to the terminal for cruisers.

Passenger movements will be managed by VTP at the terminal and Destination Venice for excursions in the city. VTP will be responsible for constructing a smaller terminal to manage passengers on homeporting ships.

A step in creating widespread cruise berthing at Marghera

VTP President and CEO Fabrizio Spagna called the agreement a 'further step towards the creation of widespread berths in Marghera’ for cruise ship operations compatible with Venice. ‘We will set up the Fusina mini-terminal to accommodate small luxury ships that will homeport … bringing added value to the city and the surrounding area.’