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Hong Kong piques cruise line’s interest during panoramic tour

PHOTO: HOLLY PAYNE Hong-Kong-Victoria-Harbour.jpg
Hong Kong's Victoria Peak offers panoramic views
A familiarisation trip hosted by Hong Kong Tourism Board on conclusion of this year’s Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific (October 24-26) saw TUI Cruises embark on a panoramic tour of the city.

The half-day experience on October 27 kicked off with a stroll through serene Hong Kong Park to admire its rich, perfectly maintained greenery and resplendent water features. The urban oasis is a habitat for butterflies, with 200 of China’s 1,300 species found in Hong Kong – from Swallowtails and Nymphs to Skippers and Blues. The Edward Youde Aviary can also be found inside the grounds – closed until the end of the year for improvement works – plus a Tai Chi Garden veiled by foliage and a monument to frontline workers who died during the 2002–2004 SARS virus outbreak.

HOLLY PAYNEMixCollage-23-Nov-2023-04-35-PM-3818.jpg

Hong Kong Park

HOLLY PAYNEMixCollage-23-Nov-2023-04-34-PM-3773.jpg

Hong Kong Park

A sheltered botanical garden harboring brightly coloured exotic plants as well as cactuses of various shapes and sizes was a welcome spot for cooling off before ascending the park’s lookout tower for views of the city’s futuristic skyscrapers.

HOLLY PAYNEMixCollage-23-Nov-2023-04-27-PM-5203.jpg

Botanical garden

Peak Tram

A short walk away the entrance to the Peak Tram takes visitors back in time, showcasing the earliest example of the funicular railway which was first adopted in 1888 and used as transport to reach the upper levels of Hong Kong Island.

Views of the city spread out below as the tram climbs the island’s tallest hill in six minutes, and a well-stocked shop and the entrance to Madame Tussauds greets visitors on disembarkation.

A shopping centre, various restaurants and cafes can be found on the 552 mtr tall Victoria Peak, but the view is the star of the show, offering unbeatable panoramas of the ultra-modern metropolis, iconic Victoria Harbour and lush hills on the horizon.

HOLLY PAYNEMixCollage-23-Nov-2023-04-32-PM-5987.jpg

A panoramic view of the city

Reaction from TUI Cruises

Marcus Puttich, director destinations, fleet operations & newbuild at TUI Cruises, described the tour as ‘a great experience’ and ‘a perfect opportunity in getting to know the beauty of Hong Kong in a quick and immersive way.’

He said, ‘A walk on foot brought us to the quiet and peaceful Hong Kong Park. After spending some relaxing time between the Conservatory and the Tai Chi Garden, we were very fortunate to experience a ride on the famous Peak Tram all the way up to the well-known Victoria Peak. We enjoyed the panoramic view over Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the Victoria Harbor – a perfect experience for every Hong Kong visitor.’

HOLLY PAYNEMixCollage-23-Nov-2023-04-29-PM-1958.jpg

TUI Cruises’ Marcus Puttich in Hong Kong Park 

Wine and Dine Festival

The fam trip was preceded by the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival on the evening of November 26. Hong Kong Tourism Board invited attendees of Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific to join the festivities, supplied with tokens that would allow them to sample the various culinary delights while watching theatrical performances.   

HOLLY PAYNEMixCollage-23-Nov-2023-04-23-PM-5054.jpg

Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival

HOLLY PAYNEMixCollage-23-Nov-2023-04-24-PM-9187.jpg

Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival

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