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American Queen gets steam plant renovation, other technical, cosmetic work

American Queen gets steam plant renovation, other technical, cosmetic work
Work during American Queen's annual scheduled layup, under way at New Orleans’ Boland Marine Shipyards, includes renovation of the steam plant and other engineering and cosmetic enhancements in preparation for the start of the paddlewheeler's third season on Feb. 21.

Improvements to technical systems, the galley and entertainment are also being carried out.

Some of the most significant electrical upgrades since American Queen’s construction in 1995 include the renewal of the main switchboard and all associated systems. 

A new combustion control system will save fuel, reduce emissions and exert less stress on the steam plant while making the vessel more environmentally friendly, American Queen Steamboat Co. said.

New paint and coating systems are being incorporated throughout to improve the paddlewheeler's appearance. A major rehabilitation of the decks is being completed. 

New, customized shows are scheduled in the Grand Saloon, which is being equipped with new sound and lighting systems. An added digital content management system will allow for in-house programming in each hotel cabin television.    

In the galley, new steam-powered 'combi ovens' will add capacity and allow the culinary team to expand their pastry and dessert offerings.

American Queen Steamboat Co. president Ted Sykes said 20% more passengers were carried in the second year than during American Queen's 2012 inaugural season.