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Autronica delivers Allure fire safety system

Autronica delivers Allure fire safety system
Autronica Fire and Security delivered an extensive fire safety system to Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas. The installation, which included the implementation of new Integrated Safety and Emergency Management System (ISEMS) functionality as part of the AutroMaster 5000 presentation system, is complete.  

Final commissioning is scheduled for November.

Autronica was chosen following a similar customized fire safety installation on Oasis of the Seas.

Autronica reports ‘excellent feedback from RCI about the Oasis of the Seas installation. They tell us that the system is easy to use and provides a great overview in an emergency operation as well as on a daily basis,’ said Jon-Arne Simonsen, regional sales manager.

At STX Finland's Turku yard last week, RCI’s Bill Wright, svp marine operations, extolled the efficacy of the system in a visit to the navigational bridge’s Safety Command Center.

For Allure, there are eight AutroMaster ISEMS terminals and thousands of points relaying real-time data including 37 fire alarm panels, 9,500 smoke and heat detectors, 1,030 fire doors, 300 sprinklers, 300 low location lights, 1,350 controlled CCTV cameras and 830 fire dampers.

AutroMaster employs a graphical user interface to provide control and monitoring of every point and all detection loops of the fire detection network on board. The safety officers have a detailed view of what’s happening by virtue of ISEMS plotting functionality, which allows operators to direct and keep track of various emergency teams on the vessel’s general arrangement plan.

The CCTV interface is an automatic function that activates the nearest camera to any detector/manual call point in alarm so that the situation may be viewed live.

Text and pictures for various damage controls will be displayed as a separate page or icons on the general arrangement, providing information on how to act, for instance, how to close a specific watertight door.

Also included are ISEMS modules for displaying status of watertight doors, showing primary and secondary escape routes as a layer on the general arrangement and providing the open and closed status of shell doors.

The system has an event replay for training or investigation purposes.

Autronica is part of UTC Fire & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.