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Brintons unveils Reverb design collection

Brintons unveils Reverb design collection
Brintons, specialists in the design and manufacture of woven Axminster carpet, is targeting the cruise sector with a new design collection moulded by its global design team called Reverb.

‘The design illustrates different elements within today’s environment and is divided into four distinct chapters: organic, micro, urban and flight,’ said the UK company.

Seven months in the making, the new collection features design themes that depict everything from the molecular, genetic make-up of an organism through to vast, sprawling urban landscapes.

‘Reverb is substantially different to any of the collections we have ever presented to the design community before and our global creative teams have really pushed the envelope for creativity and exploration within a specific theme,’ John Bain, global design director, explained.

He singled out Reverb’s features as ‘generating cross over between sustainable urbanisation and green related topics – a core relationship linked to contemporary works.’

All of the Reverb designs can be woven as Wheelmark approved Axminster remarked Brintons.