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Rolls-Royce supplies combined propeller and rudder for Carnival Glory

Rolls-Royce supplies combined propeller and rudder for Carnival Glory
Carnival Cruise Lines has selected the Rolls-Royce propulsion system Promas Lite, combining propeller and rudder, for Carnival Glory. Preliminary analysis of speed/power trials measurements indicates an increased propulsive efficiency improvement by 11-13 %, reports Rolls-Royce.

The selection of the Promas Lite system came as a result of close cooperation between Carnival and Rolls-Royce Marine Services and after extensive laboratory testing at Rolls-Royce Hydrodynamic Research Centre in Sweden. This resulted in an optimized Promas Lite design tailor made to fit the actual operational profile of  Carnival Glory.

A new twin 5.8mtr Promas Lite propulsion system was installed during the ship’s regular dry docking at Grand Bahama Shipyard last month. The new propeller-rudder system replaces the old five-bladed mono-block propellers with modern four-bladed Rolls-Royce propellers with bolted blades, hub caps and rudder bulbs, optimized for maximum fuel efficiency and emission reduction.

Carnival Glory will operate out of New York from June to early October 2010, switching to Norfolk for two Bahamas cruises and a 2 day taster later that month and then returning to Miami for a winter 2010/11 season in the Caribbean.