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Sound absorption solution for engine rooms

Sound absorption solution for engine rooms
Rockwool Marine & Offshore is introducing a new product: Rockwool Marine Acoustic Foil, part of a sound absorption system specifically designed for engine rooms, cargo pump rooms and similar applications.    

Traditional insulation solutions which consist of an alu-foil or steel plate finish provide a good solution for fire protection and oil contamination prevention; however these surface materials reduce the otherwise excellent noise absorption properties of the insulation behind them.

Providing fire protection and noise reduction in areas where mechanical strength and resistance to oil contamination is required has therefore always been a challenge, but Danish-based Rockwool has developed a system which fulfils all these requirements, it claims.

Rockwool Marine Acoustic Foil is a strong, thin and durable film, which is resistant to oil/oil mist, water and most other substances expected to be found in the environment of the engine room. The film (which covers the Rockwool insulation and is then covered by a perforated steel plate) has been tested for surface flammability, according to IMO Res MSC.61(67), annex 1 part 5 and IMO res 653(16), by the Danish Institute of Fire Technology. The result is in full compliance with SOLAS. To obtain the optimal sound properties the film must be fitted loosely with a small gap in between the film and the insulation.