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YSA and Scenso work to breathe new life into air systems

CRUISE Kristian Englund.jpg
According to YSA Design's Kristian Englund, ships may be fitted with systems to reroute airflow in an emergency
Oslo-based YSA Design is teaming up with engineering company and software provider, Scenso, to make air cleaner on board ships.

Custom-made, Scenso’s software can harvest and analyse data collected from air quality sensors, enabling emergency improvements to be made to vessels where necessary, including upgrading filtration systems, optimising existing air zoning and actively cleaning air in venues through ionisation and particle capture.

In the longer-term, ships can be refurbished to integrate restructured duct systems and additional air cleaning equipment.

‘Cruise operators will be able to apply the insights provided by Scenso to further limit the flow of air between cabins, as well as circulation between public spaces and crew areas’, says YSA Design Senior Architect Kristian Englund. ‘Ships may also be fitted with systems to shut down or reroute airflow in an emergency.’

Roots in sustainability 

Originating in a sustainability solution that was designed to monitor vessel hotel loads and highlight opportunities for air, water and power optimisation, the Scenso platform also enables shipowners to set goals and action plans.

Englund adds, ‘Much is being made of surface hygiene and how thorough cleaning and the right selection of materials can limit the spread of pathogens – and rightly so.

‘However, studies show that the novel coronavirus can survive in airborne droplets for some time, so we need to pay more attention to air hygiene’.

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