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Seatrade Cruise Talks Podcast: Cruise Convos - Episode 7

Join Claudine Pohl for another episode of Cruise Convos as she's joined by Susie Flores

Hear from a travel advisor's perspective this week, as Claudine engages in a captivating conversation with Susie Flores, the CEO and Founder of Countdown Travels LLC.

With an astounding 95% of Countdown Travels' sales attributed to cruise travel, Susie provides valuable insights into the shifting dynamics of selling cruise packages.  With a whopping 99% of these sales driven by the power of social media, Susie unpacks this shift in consumer booking and how she has harnessed the power of social media to become one of the top 100 travel advisors in the USA.

Explore the world of content creation onboard these cruises and unravel the mystery behind the enduring popularity of booking through travel advisors, constituting 75% of all travel reservations. 

Susie sheds light on the evolving dynamics and growing trust in travel advisors, emphasizing the unique value they bring to the table – a human touch, specialized knowledge, and a genuine understanding of the cruise experience.