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Seatrade Cruise Talks

Seatrade Cruise Talks Podcast: Tech Talks - Episode 2

Dive into the world of cruise industry innovation in our latest Tech Talks podcast episode

Dive into the world of cruise industry innovation in our latest Tech Talks podcast episode, where host David Tibbles from theICEway chats with Jessica Wright, Managing Director of Peel X. Together, they navigate the realm of augmented reality (AR), shedding light on its transformative potential within cruise tourism.

Discover how AR breathes new life into travel experiences, overlaying digital wonders onto real-world landscapes. Jessica unveils the magic of interactive storytelling and engaging activities, from historical voyages to thrilling treasure hunts, all enhanced by AR technology.

Jessica shares captivating examples of AR projects in the cruise space, including a fascinating archaeological storytelling initiative in the Outer Hebrides, demonstrating how AR breathes new life into forgotten histories and undiscovered locations.

Join David and Jessica as they delve into the practicalities of implementing AR solutions, from technical intricacies to connectivity challenges in remote destinations. Plus, uncover how customised AR experiences are forging deeper connections to destinations, enriching the passenger experience both ashore.

Tune in, to uncover the boundless potential of AR to enhance cruise tourism, promising guests unforgettable adventures and enriching cultural encounters beyond the confines of traditional shore excursions.

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