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Costa Cruises' entire fleet sailing by summer 2022

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Costa Toscana starts Med cruising from March 5
Costa Cruises’ entire fleet will be sailing by this summer with the four most recently delivered ships deployed in the Mediterranean and offering free shore excursions.

Costa Toscana, Costa Smeralda, Costa Firenze and Costa Venezia will allo sail in the Mediterranean. Also, for the summer period, if regulations permit, the company is planning to offer free shore excursions and, in light of the gradual relaxation of the measures in place, is working to be able to make them available as early as this spring.

179 destinations

Costa's spring 2022 to winter 2022-23 program includes more than 1,800 cruises to 179 destinations around the world, with cruises lasting from 3 to 127 days.

'We are seeing the growth in demand for holidays, and I am sure that this trend will increase further in the coming weeks' said Roberto Alberti, SVP & Chief Commercial Officer of Costa Cruises. 'Our rich itinerary program suits for every need and includes some great new features, such as cruises to Turkey. Our cruise experience has been profoundly enriched and will allow guests to discover destinations in an authentic way, also thanks to extended stops in some ports. Furthermore, our guests will be able to enjoy their vacations on a fleet with latest generation ships, which combine sustainable innovation with entertainment, hospitality and well-being.'

West and east Med

After Costa Toscana, Costa's restart program includes Costa Favolosa on April 28, with 'mini cruises' in the Mediterranean, Costa Venezia on May 1 from Istanbul, with a new one-week itinerary in Turkey and Greece, and Costa Smeralda on May 7, offering a one-week itinerary in the western Mediterranean. Costa Pacifica will resume operations on June 4 from Bari, exploring Greece and Malta.  The two-week cruises to the Canary Islands and the Azores, originally planned with the Costa Pacifica in April and May, will be carried out by Costa Luminosa, while Costa Fortuna will return operating in Northern Europe on June 12.

After the winter season in South America, Costa Diadema will also return to the Mediterranean, offering a cruise to Lisbon on May 5, as well as Costa Fascinosa, which will be leaving on May 1 for a cruise to the Azores, dedicated to Costa Club members. Back from the Caribbean, Costa Deliziosa will resume her Mediterranean cruises from April 15, while Costa Firenze, having completed her season in Dubai, will be positioned in Genoa on April 7, to begin her program of cruises in Spain, Italy and France.

In summer 2022, the sister ships Costa Smeralda and Costa Toscana, powered by LNG, together with Costa Firenze, will offer week-long cruises in the western Mediterranean, while Costa Venezia will continue with her new itinerary in Turkey and Greece, departing from Istanbul. Costa Pacifica, Costa Deliziosa and Costa Luminosa will be operating in the Eastern Mediterranean with one-week cruises.  

North Europe sailings

Four ships, Costa Fortuna, Costa Favolosa, Costa Fascinosa and Costa Diadema, will be deployed in Northern Europe, visiting the Baltic capitals, the Norwegian fjords, the North Cape and Iceland.

'In 2021 we safely recorded on our ships more than 1.5m passenger movements,' added Alberti. 'We also reached previously unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction, thanks to the efforts and investments we have made since the restart of our operations. I am confident that the return to free shore excursions, which we are planning for next summer and which we hope can be anticipated as early as spring, will be an extra incentive to choose a Costa cruise.' 

In winter 2022-23, Costa Firenze will be deployed on week-long cruises to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman, departing from Dubai. Costa Venezia will be operating from Istanbul, with 11-day cruises to Turkey, Israel and Egypt, while Costa Diadema will be offering two-week cruises to the Canary Islands, calling also in Lisbon. Costa Pacifica and Costa Fascinosa will be visiting the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Costa Smeralda will be offering one-week cruises in the western Mediterranean. Costa Toscana, Costa Favolosa and Costa Fortuna will be positioned in South America.

World cruising

From next winter, Costa's grand voyages will also be back. Costa Deliziosa will be offering the Around the World cruise, departing from Venice on January 6, 2023, or from Savona January 11, 2023. The itinerary will take guests to India and the Maldives, then to South Africa and Namibia, and then to South America, up the continent's Pacific coast, through the Panama Strait and even visiting New York before returning to Europe.  The Costa Luminosa Grand Cruises will be equally spectacular, departing from Genoa on 8 January 2023 and from Buenos Aires on 27 February 2023, going from the Mediterranean to Tierra del Fuego and back, sailing up the Amazon River to Manaus.

Costa Serena’s program to resume cruising in Asia in 2022 will be announced over the next few weeks.